Volunteer Work Ecuador

Volunteer Work Galapagos Islands

Discover the enchanted Islands, the Galapagos Islands from the inside. Live a total inmersion into this local project !

Volunteer in an Animal Rescue Center

Help a nice project that cares about endangered animals saved from the black market. Live an authentic experience with Animal !

Education Projects Quito

Live an unforgettable experience with lovely kids in the Middle of the World, Quito, the capital of Ecuador !

Discover the Amazon Life

Help a Kichwa Community from the Amazon Rainforest, learn about their traditions and live as they live inside the Jungle !

Volunteer Work Ecuador

”The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – GHANDI

Eco Volunteer UP is a non-profit organization to lead local projects for everybody, people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities that want to serve others for short term. We provide low-cost volunteer programs in Ecuador as Galapagos, Amazon and Quito.

Volunteer Work Ecuador is the best way to gain life-changing experience. Eco Volunteer UP offers you affordable and flexible volunteering opportunities across different placements supporting local projects through volunteers.

Our volunteering programs allow you to do good, see the world, and travel while having the best experience of your life. Spend time helping others on holidays or whenever you would like, the volunteer programs are open all year around.

Volunteer in Ecuador with Eco Volunteer UP gives you a unique opportunity to help children and local communities, safe wild animals, teach English, conserve the environment and make a real difference to those in needs. You get a pre-departure orientation, support and orientation while you are in the program with personalized service.

Leave from your comfort zone and prepare for your life to change at:

  • Volunteer in Galapagos
  • Volunteer in Amazon
  • Volunteer in Quito

We could include volunteer excursions to local tourist destination.

Volunteer Work Ecuador

Besides the benefit of others, you gain:

  • Experience personal growth
  • Learn new things
  • Make new friends in Ecuador and from other countries
  • Learn Spanish
  • Travel to another country

As student groups; students are able to show their skills to benefit others and see a new culture from inside. We have some great options for alternative breaks Ecuador such as summer volunteer, spring break volunteer, fall break volunteer and winter break volunteer trips for short term. We will help you to find the right project for your group to suit their goals and interests.

As a family volunteer Ecuador; enroll and participate volunteering with your children over school break and spend time together. You will work with a project suitable for your family and participate in exciting cultural activities.

As a senior/retired volunteer in Ecuador; save your money to travel and start volunteering, using your experience and energy in placements that benefit to others. Besides we accommodate senior volunteers who want a bit of comfort.


Volunteer Work Ecuador

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